Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Road is Long (But Fun!)

9:29 p.m. - August 4, 2010

Don't you notice that everytime you talk to someone about traveling, they always say how they wish that they could more? They always want a vacation so they can get on the road, just unwind and let their hair down. That's why as I sit here with my cup of coffee (yea i know it's late), I continue to be thankful for my choice of professional wrestling.

What a perk right? You get to go up and down the road with all of your friends, and experience life the way that it's ment to be experienced! A constant spontaneous joyride (awesome movie) with your friends. CZW is debuting in North Carolina this weekend, and I'm somehow just as excited for the road trip as I am the match! Just sitting back and reflecting, going down the road is a lot like how me and my opponent this weekend, Ryan Slater, have progressed along the way.

It can be bumpy at times, but if you keep pushing forward, you will reach your destination. Ryan Slater is lucky in that he hasn't reached his destination known as the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title. He's still hungry, and now more so than ever because he can taste it. I have reached that point of becoming champion, and now I find myself going down a never ending road of title defense after title defense, each one harder than the last. Most engines burn out after too much abuse. Unfortunatly for Slater, my engine only continues to get stronger and stronger, and the more pressure there is, the more it fuels me. The road to the championship is close Slater. It's ashame that you'll just have to get used to tasting it on your tounge.

All in all, I'm excited to go on another unforgetable road trip that I'm sure will be one to remember. Maybe my next blog will be just about those stories alone!

-Panama's Finest

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