Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A day in the life of the uncrowned BEST OF THE BEST, CZW WORLD Junior Heavyweight Champion, and international sex symbol, Adam Cole

Hello CZW fans,

The fact that you have chosen to click on the link and read what I'm up to shows that you aren't completely stupid, which is something I guess you should be proud of. Now if you really want to learn something, you should continue reading.

Before we go any further on our journey however, I first want to say that I forgive you CZW. I know it had to be the biggest mistake in company history to make me (ME!!!) qualify for Best of the Best this year, and you have to be really embarrassed at this point for making such a poor decision. I am a man not only of great talent, but am one with a kind and understanding heart as well. You are clearly not perfect, and I must be understanding of that. Because to be honest, your stupidity just makes me look that much greater. So I am here to promise CZW and it's fanbase, that I will not only qualify for Best of the Best, but I will become your champion. How do you ask? Well, let's just say that I do a little bit of preperation. Here is just a taste of what I do each and everyday during the week, to ensure that I continue to be absolutely tremendous.

(Every Weekday)

10:00 a.m. - Awaken from my bed (king size); Find a mirror, and look at my 6-pack. This is what we call a confidence booster. When I look in the mirror and see how sexy I look, it just reconfirms how great I am. In your case, maybe sleep with a shirt on. That way you can hide your hairy flabby gut. This will prevent you from starting each and every day as a dissapointment. I would suggest going to the gym or eating healthy, but that's too much work. So just make sure you are clothed at all times :)

10:30 a.m. - I start my day off right with not only a healthy breakfast, but a breakfast of champions. I know many of you idiots are thinking Wheaties, but that would be the "I'm too lazy to make real food so I'll eat cereal" breakfast. What I'm talking about is 6 egg whites, two pieces of whole wheat toast (dry), a banana, and my multi-vitamin pack. One of the many reasons I have a rockin' bod and such a likeable personality, is because I start my day off correctly. Like a champion.

11:30 a.m. - Now I am off to my other home away from home, the gym. Exercise is key to being better than most, because many don't do it. Like you for example. Don't worry I keep the weights busy so they don't get bored. I strength train for about an hour, then do abbs (Editors Note: If you work out at my gym and are reading this, please stop staring at me when I do abb exercises. I know they are mezmerizing, but it really distracts me. I get it I'm hot, now leave me alone!)

To be continued...as this is more than enough for you to process right now. I would also print this picture out and hang it above your bed post, just as a reminder of what you should strive too look like...

Uncrowned 2010 Best of the Best Champion, CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion, and international sex symbol,

Adam Cole