Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Make or Break

Over the past couple of weeks, I have done a lot of soul searching. In a profession where you are constantly pushed to your limits physically, mentally, and emotionally, often times you arn't given the chance to sit back and evaluate yourself. To envision who you are and where you'd like to be is an after thought. It's all about making sure you deliver each time you step out there. There is no thoughts of what the future holds, just what you have to do now to make sure you have a future.

To say that this rings true in EVOLVE is an understatement. In a company that is founded on a win loss record completely, you have to be focused on the present time or you will quickly find yourself with a lossing record. This was my exact case at EVOLVE 3. I was so excited (and still am) on being a part of this company, that I kept saying to myself  "Someday I hope to be as good as a Bryan Danielson, as good as a Chris Hero." With that someday mindset, Sami Callihan had his vision of "I will be 1-0 tonight, because I am as good as anyone here," and he was right in his thought. He defeated me in both of our debuts. This was when my mind started to make a change...

Come EVOLVE 4, I had an even harder challenge in Johnny Gargano. I knew that if I didn't beat Johnny, none of the boys in the locker room, none of the fans, would take me seriously. I needed to prove to them, and prove to myself, that I belonged here in EVOLVE. And I did that. At EVOLVE 4, I defeated Johnny Gargano in what some are calling the biggest upset in the company's history. I gained the respect of my peers that night, and more importantly, I gained that respect in myself. However, there's one man who hasn't shown me any respect since I've arrived here in EVOLVE. That man is Jimmy Jacobs.

Jimmy, from the very first EVOLVE show you have treated me not as your equal, but as a boy who doesn't deserve to breath the same air as you. I took all of your insults, because I had done nothing to earn your respect and had been questioning my abilities. I would often lie awake at night and think to myself "Do you have what it takes? Do you belong here?" I'm here to tell you Jimmy, that not only do I belong here in EVOLVE, but I am better than you are. Nobody on this planet wants to be the best more than I do Jimmy, and you will find that out September 11.

I actually want to thank you for all that you've done for me Jimmy. With all your insults, all your degrading comments, you've made me realize that you can't rely how you feel about yourself based on what others think of you. You made me realize that when I wake up, I take all of those negative comments that you have made and I use them as fuel to make me work even harder. My mind is clear, my vision is set. Jimmy, I will be looked at as one of the greats someday, and there is nothing that you can say or do that will stop me.

Thank you Jimmy Jacobs, for the much needed wake up call.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Young, Hungry Lion

8/16/2010: CHIKARA has done an excellent job since it's existence doing that one thing that wrestling promotions and wrestlers themselves try to become - and that's something different. To say that CHIKARA has been succeeding would be an understatement. This company is arguably the fastest-growing independent wrestling company in the United States, and it's because they have stuck to their guns and have continued to do what they do best. They're different.

CHIKARA is a company that every aspiring young wrestler wants to be a part of. It's a chance to showcase your abilities in front of some of the most talented performers in the world, and some of the most appreciative fans that there are. To be a part of the Young Lions Cup is not only a great honor, but an excellent opportunity. Just being in this tournament is proof that you have been recognized as one of the standout young guys on the circuit. But to win the thing, that's on a whole other level. You are the best, most promising young guy in the business if you walk away with that trophy. Some people have called me the dark horse in this tournament. I'm about to tell you why I'm the favorite...

Because I am different. Just like CHIKARA, Adam Cole sticks to his guns. I do what works for me, and I believe in what I bring to the table. I don't wear a mask, I am not as athletically gifted as the luchadores that I may face. What I do possess though, is a confidence and belief in myself that many of my peers in this tournament lack. We are all young. We are all hungry. Many are unsure. Not unsure because they don't have the tools, but because they have not been on a stage as big as the Young Lions Cup.

Since I started wrestling, I have been physically and emotionally challeneged everytime I step through those ropes, each challenge bigger than the last. And I have prevailed. The YLC is no different. I intend to walk away as the YLC champion, and I intend to show the CHIKARA fans what I bring to the table.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23Xaij3N9CY - Check this out!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Road is Long (But Fun!)

9:29 p.m. - August 4, 2010

Don't you notice that everytime you talk to someone about traveling, they always say how they wish that they could more? They always want a vacation so they can get on the road, just unwind and let their hair down. That's why as I sit here with my cup of coffee (yea i know it's late), I continue to be thankful for my choice of professional wrestling.

What a perk right? You get to go up and down the road with all of your friends, and experience life the way that it's ment to be experienced! A constant spontaneous joyride (awesome movie) with your friends. CZW is debuting in North Carolina this weekend, and I'm somehow just as excited for the road trip as I am the match! Just sitting back and reflecting, going down the road is a lot like how me and my opponent this weekend, Ryan Slater, have progressed along the way.

It can be bumpy at times, but if you keep pushing forward, you will reach your destination. Ryan Slater is lucky in that he hasn't reached his destination known as the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title. He's still hungry, and now more so than ever because he can taste it. I have reached that point of becoming champion, and now I find myself going down a never ending road of title defense after title defense, each one harder than the last. Most engines burn out after too much abuse. Unfortunatly for Slater, my engine only continues to get stronger and stronger, and the more pressure there is, the more it fuels me. The road to the championship is close Slater. It's ashame that you'll just have to get used to tasting it on your tounge.

All in all, I'm excited to go on another unforgetable road trip that I'm sure will be one to remember. Maybe my next blog will be just about those stories alone!

-Panama's Finest